LuMESH Cosmetics Launches a New Product

This week I attended the launch of an amazing product I can not wait to share with you.

But first I want to introduce you to the amazing lady who hosted the event. I was supposed to interview her, but as luck would have it…she’d lost her voice. None the less, I am looking forward to interviewing her and for you all to be able to hear her story.

For now, an introduction in the form of this blog post will have to suffice 🙂

Lu Camarena Meshulam’s story is exactly the kind I like to tell and will be telling many more of. She is a regular “you and I” kind of woman, a single mom to a pre-teen son, a woman with passion and a dream.


The daughter of a Mexican immigrant mother raised in Greeley, Colorado, she moved to New York in her late teens with a dream of working in the Cosmetics Industry.

She had to work hard to overcome many barriers and odds set against her, but after working in sales and as a make up artist to a growing client list, she started her own cosmetics line, LuMESH, working with natural ingredients to blend shades for all ethnicities and complexions, and creating products that work with the skin to illuminate from within.

Being in competition against large and established brands is extremely ambitious and it has not been an easy journey.

But as the saying goes; ‘Fortune favors the Brave’.

Her passion and belief in enhancing womens’ beauty from within through nature caught the attention of a man who was looking to introduce a new natural product found in the bogs of Ireland to the world. He has now partnered with Lu to bring this product to the United States. This was the launch I attended.

Product book

Irish Organic Skincare system comes directly from Ireland. Its key ingredient is organic peat, composed of thousands of years of nature’s own marshy mish mash of partially decayed vegetation. I know that does not really sound nice, but back in the day, the natives would run around in it and while every one else was down with the Flu during the winter months, they just never got sick. When they had burns, scrapes or wounds, a dip in the bog was a natural healer.

Lately, much scientific research has been conducted in this area and it has been found and proven that peat has amazing preserving properties which contribute to its ability to combat aging and enhance health. Its excellent moisture retaining qualities improve skin elasticity. Peat improves blood flow to the skin, is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and restores the skin to it’s natural pH.

There were a lot more things said and shown at the presentation that I can not recall now, but to me, it sounds like a ‘cure-all’. I mean, it was even used to treat soldiers during World War I and to treat infertility in German clinics.

Incorporating this peat into a skin care system is revolutionary…and did I mention NATURAL!!! In fact, this is the only certified 100% organic peat skincare product on the market.

LuMESH Cosmetics will be bringing this amazing product to you exclusively through their online store this September, and I will be bringing you Lu’s amazing and courageous story as soon as she feels better and is able to speak normally again.

Till then, Remain Inspired!


The IOS is applied to the skin and washed off approximately 15 minutes later leaving the skin glowing and refreshed.


Goodie BagThe Goodie bag with LuMESH Lipsticks and Lip Gloss as well as tubs of IOS.

I LOVE the colors of the LuMESH lipsticks! It’s like they are made for me, they look so good. And they last!!! I also love that each lipstick and lip gloss container has its own little mirror. No need to go digging for your mirror in your bag or using your reflection on the Subway door.

Yeah, you know…







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