…Aaaand it’s 2019!!!

Welcome, beautiful women of the world! Welcome back to The Woman Hood and to the wonderful start of an awesome new year!!!

From the fuzzy, unfocused video above you will see that we are still learning to incorporate the video experience in our space. So, yes, we are old school! (and proud of it) But have no fear, 2019 is here. This is the year that everything is going to come alive!!! And the video signing off at the end of 2019 will be a WHOLE lot better than this video we came into the year on.

This is an extra special year for me, because even though The Woman Hood just turned TWO, in a few short weeks I will be turning FIFTY!!! And I am totally owning it, embracing it, enjoying it and celebrating it and I am infusing all that excitement into The Woman Hood.

50 years old

I want this to be my healthiest, fittest and best year ever! I want to LIVE and BE on my journey of empowerment and I want to share it all with you right here in “The Hood”.

All the great things The Woman Hood (TWH) was created to do, will begin to blossom this year. Starting with the awesome line up of interviews with some of the most amazing Sheroes in the world – Women just like YOU!!! Women who ARE YOU!!!

We will learn to love and celebrate who we are. We will care for ourselves. I am already signed up for the New York City Half Marathon in the Spring and I plan to do the Full Marathon in the Fall as well and I invite you to join me. I am building a team, so come on! (Contact me)

Before the end of the year, the TWH Store will be open so we will be able to show off and let the world know that we, WOMEN, will change the World (Thank Goodness!)

We are awesome, we are worthy, we are proud and we are going next level!

So stay tuned for what’s next, Stay blessed and always…

Stay inspired!!


A Mother’s Love

Someone posted this video in a chat room I am a member of.

I had to share it.

The love and strength of this woman, this ‘regular’ woman is the exact reason for this Blog. To showcase the amazing unsung female heroes in everyday world.

Remember, you do not have to be Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Hilary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Meryll Streep or Beyonce to make a difference in this world. You only have to make a difference in the world immediately around you and you have already changed the world at large.

Be Inspired!

Breaking Stereotypes – Women make up 50% of the Ethiopian Ministerial positions

Ethiopia Women

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has appointed women to half of his government’s ministerial posts, including the job of defence minister.

Explaining his decision in a speech to Parliament, Mr Abiy said women were “less corrupt than men” and would help restore peace and stability.

Ethiopia is now the only African state after Rwanda to have equal gender representation in the cabinet….READ MORE….


Nobel Peace Prize 2018 – The Woman Struggle


Giving it up today for the Nobel Peace Prize winners this year for bringing the struggle of millions of women to the forefront.

For as long as there have been humans, male and female, sexual violence has played a role in every kind of situation. The powerful male has always taken advantage of the ‘weaker’ female. Most of the time, the political or societal power structure either encourages this or at least allows it.

It’s an age old story and as recently evidenced during the Kavanaugh hearings in the United States, there are many people who do not want to talk about it anymore. To them this is not the kind of thing that happens anymore and need no longer be addressed.

But the painful truth is that women are still dealing with this struggle today. Subtly in some societies but awfully blatant in others.

And in this light, I congratulate the two amazing recipients of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize; Dr. Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad who were presented with the prize for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict.

Dr. Denis Mukwege is a gynecologist who, at risk of losing his life, stood up for women attacked and raped by armed rebels in his native Democratic Republic of Congo


Nadia Murad, is an Iraqi Yazidi human rights activist who personally experienced being kidnapped and held as a sex slave by the Islamic State in 2014 at the age of 19. She founded “Nadia’s Initiative“, an organization dedicated to “helping women and children victimized by genocide, mass atrocities and human trafficking to heal and rebuild their lives and communities”.


Much Respect!

Be Inspired!