Protest!!!…in Love (A Warning)

Not a day goes by that we don’t wake up to a new and scary headline.

Trump can certainly steal and trademark the “Shock and Awe”slogan from the Bush era.

We are protesting, We are making our voices heard wherever we can, we are yelling louder than ever. Great!…but beware!!!!…Negative emotions are riding HIGH!

We must be cautious! We must be vigilant!

We must guard our hearts!

The words of Dr. Martin Luther King ring truer now than ever.


We must guard our hearts against Hatred. For there in lies the danger!!


In return for the craziness, we must give Love!

We must keep our hearts and minds on Love! Lest we be pulled into the darkness from whence all the chaos arises. That is not the place for us. From there, we can make no changes for the better.

We must remain tall and strong, with our heads held high knowing that Right will always overcome Wrong. and Love will always prevail.

In Love then, let us continue to protest, let us work in our communities to build support, let us write, sing, dance, speak out and do all we can because remember…




In the Fight FOR Women’s Rights

It is done!


Donald J. Trump is the new president of the United States of America.

I am a believer in the Law of Attraction and knowing that you attract what you focus on (which is probably part of how Donald Trump became president anyway…Media gave him entirely too much play) I believe it is time the protests AGAINST Trump as President come to an end. We are not going to change the fact that he is the president. He is the President. Period!

We have no choice but to accept this reality and we now we have to find ways to work WITH him to get what we want.

It is time to stop protesting AGAINST him, and start making our voices heard FOR what we want.

So as we go out tomorrow for the Women’s March on Washington and everywhere, let us focus on WHAT WE WANT. Let us raise our voices FOR women.

And even after the march. Let us not remain silent! Let us continue to sing and shout and march FOR all that we stand for, ‘Keeping our Eyes on the Prize’, as the song goes, until we are heard.

After the march, do not go and sit quietly in your home. Go and volunteer with your local government, Go and help women in need. Like Obama said in his farewell address, get a clipboard and get involved!!! Be an Active Citizen – in your community, in your country, in the world. Your involvement matters!

We Matter! Women Matter!

That is what we must focus on!

Be Inspired!




PMS: Powerful Maintenance of Stability

When you look into the Urban Dictionary online, you find a number of really impolite definitions of PMS. (Click here to see them)


I felt completely out of it yesterday. The inside of my head, which felt like a pumpkin, could not seem to decide if to manifest a full blown headache or not. Focus was not my greatest asset and every little thing made me want to cry. My husband wanted to accompany me on an errand and I couldn’t tell him I would rather be by myself because on other days, I am usually begging him to come along. So he came along. And I listened to his conversation, but was not much of a conversationalist myself. Ok, yes, the truth is, i wanted to say Shut up! But hey, I didn’t!!! Kudos to me 🙂


Just one more thing women have to go through which gets turned around and used against us.

“Man’s worst nightmare”, “I’d rather be in Hell than be around a woman with PMS”,”A time when you should avoid all women”, “I’d choose the wrath of God over a woman with PMS any day”,”They call it PMS because the expression Mad Cow was already taken” and so on.

Men haven’t the first clue about our hormonal changes and how to relate to us when we go through them. It would be nice if they didn’t take quite such a negative attitude towards this, and perhaps try to listen more and be more patient, but then maybe I am just being touchy right now because I am…well, PMSing.

In my younger days, my monthly hormonal changes didn’t affect my moods that much. I just had the cramps, bloating and acne. As I have gotten older, I have lost the cramps, but the other symptoms have become more pronounced and last longer, and now there are also the headaches and the Blues. My moods don’t swing as much as just stay sad and gloomy. And I also have a lot less patience, so I am very careful to avoid certain conversations or situations. During this time of the month, more than any other time, I truly make every effort to remain in a zen and positive state of mind.

PMS times are not the most comfortable or delightful of times, but much of how we experience these times can be determined by our own attitudes and handling of the situation.

It is very necessary to listen to our bodies and our inner selves at this time and then give the lady what she needs. Do you need silence and alone time? Find it and take it!; Do you need company, noise and fun? Go for it!; Do you need to have a good cry? Go ahead, have one!. What ever it takes, indulge yourself! Apart from making you feel better, You actually deserve it!! And most importantly, be sure to eat right (do NOT throw yourself into bad foods and chocolates) and exercise (a stroll down the block could work wonders).

—(Click here for 10 Healthy Ways to Manage PMS)—

Some of my favorite PMS escapes are meditation, music, running and reading. A really good or funny movie is an awesome remedy too (Today, I watched Ghostbusters). The main thing for me is to ‘get away’ a little. And come back rejuvenated.

I told my husband I was writing this post about PMS and asked him to suggest a more positive and truthful meaning for the PMS acronym and he came up with – Powerful Maintenance of Stability. Thanks babe! I like that!

PMS doesn’t have to mean all the nasty things men say it does. PMS could actually be a time of rejuvenation, rebuilding and strengthening. It may not always be when we do our best thinking or best work, but if we treat it right, we could come out of it stronger and better every time. We can make it a Powerful time of working on our Maintaining our Stability and Strength. So yeah…I am PMSing!






Closed for non-payment of Taxes

Down the block from the school my children attend, there is a Subway Sandwiches Store.

We pass by there almost everyday after school to grab an after-school sandwich. The owners, a Hispanic family, know us by name and are extremely kind and friendly.

We were shocked and disappointed today when we passed by only to see a bright orange sign – “Seized for non-payment of Taxes.”

There were a whole bunch of their clientele standing in front of the store looking upset and worried.

I asked if they would be able to re-open and prevent losing the store if the taxes were paid and a lady standing nearby said “Maybe! After all, look at Trump…He did not pay his taxes and he became the President.”

I had to write about that because it shows how the examples we set DO matter! Especially our leaders!

Taxes ARE important! We should be willing to pay them to enable the government to serve us as they are supposed to. Our taxes provide us with healthcare, education, roads and housing, protection through the police, fire department and military, libraries, parks etc. etc. etc.

And we do this, not just for ourselves, but for our fellowman. When we do not pay taxes, we are being selfish. We are keeping for ourselves at the expense of our neighbors and friends – our community.

Sure, we can argue about raising or lowering taxes, but the question should never be whether to pay or not.

I hope that the Subway Store can settle whatever problem has arisen and that they will be able to reopen soon. They are a great example of the American Dream. They are immigrants who bought a franchise as a livelihood for the family. They became part of the community. We would miss them terribly.

I certainly wish them all the very best in overcoming this obstacle.


Selflessness – Woman

Here is a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind.

I have always admired Meryl Streep as an actress. There are only a few movies she has done that I did not like and even if I didn’t like the movie, her performances have always been stellar.

But she took it to the next level last night at the 74th Golden Globes Awards.

She received the well-deserved Lifetime Achievement Award but instead of basking in the Glory she fearlessly shone her light on a wrong she feels needs to be righted.

May we all show this kind of courage when we are called upon.

Well Done Ms. Streep! Kudos!!

What the world needs now…

…is love, sweet love…

That is how the song goes. And it is the truth, and for the most part people are willing to love…what they know!

It is amazing how the most loving person is capable of NOT loving just because of the “other-ness” of another.

So I venture to say that what the world needs now is Understanding!

Here is the dictionary definition of the word…



  1. Sympathetically aware of other people’s feelings; tolerant and forgiving.

synonyms: compassionatesympatheticsensitiveconsideratetenderkindthoughtfultolerantpatientforbearinglenientmercifulforgivinghumane

  1. Having insight or good judgment.


Every single one of those meanings and synonyms could be the secret to lasting peace.

From an early age, we are taught to look at every one through an “us and them” lens  – Women, Men; Black, White; this religion, that religion; house wife, career woman; blue collar, white collar; and so on.

It is drummed into us that we are not to cross the barriers.

Sure, we can not deny that there are differences. Things that are considered normal in one culture or geographic location, would be considered very strange elsewhere under different circumstances.

But I challenge us to look beyond the differences and barriers and get to the human root where we are all very much the same.

We laugh the same, we cry the same, we know fear, anger and sadness the same, we know love and happiness the same and most of the time, most of all, we want the best for our children the same.

I don’t say we must jump into another culture or go against our beliefs or teachings, but when we look from the vantage point of sameness, we acquire understanding.

We become sympathetic and compassionate. Tolerant and forgiving.

And we learn to LOVE.

And isn’t that what the world needs now???

Be inspired!

Jumping into 2017


I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions!

They never come true. Are never achieved. Just a wish we make on New Year’s day to make it seem like we are aiming for better for ourselves.

By the time the party is over…which is January the 2nd…tomorrow…the resolutions are forgotten – like the confetti on the floor, swept up and tossed out.

I believe in GOALS!!

Specific, Measurable, Action Oriented, Realistic, Time-bound goals! (“SMART Goals”)

Have you set yours?

Goals are not only for your workplace. You should also have goals for yourself – your health, your aspirations, your family.

If you do not set goals, you are not working towards anything, you are lacking direction, and life just takes you on a ride.

I usually take some time for myself at the end of the year to think over the year that has passed, plan for the coming year, set some goals for myself, meditate and pray. However, going into 2016 my family was going through some problems so I never took the time. It was no coincidence that the year was an endless time of running after life. My time got away from me, my finances got away from me, my mind got away from me. I could barely keep up at work and with the loss of my mother, there was a lot happening on the family front. I felt stressed and overwhelmed the entire year.

In the grand scheme of things, 2016 was not a bad year. I accomplished things at work that I was praised for, my kids were doing great in school, I finished writing my first novel, I lost 18 pounds and ran a half marathon AND took my family on their first trip to Europe, all be it to bury my mother.

It was a good year, but I felt unfulfilled and unsatisfied. That is because I could not point at any one thing and say – this is what I had set out to do and I accomplished it. Everything that happened, just happened! Nothing was intended or planned or even desired. Everything just happened. With or without my influence things happened just because they happened. And this does not lead to a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment or success.

So this year, I made sure that I took the time. To look back at 2016 and be grateful and to look forward and set creation and creativity in motion for an exciting and fulfilling 2017. And already I am feeling so much happier and excited about every day that is about to follow.

Trust me! It makes a difference!

It is just the beginning of January. You still have time. Ditch the resolutions and make a date with yourself to sit down and write some real goals. When you look back at 2017 in December, you are going to be feeling pretty proud of yourself. 🙂

Be Inspired!