The Woman Hood

Bringing Women Together Across Every Divide

The Woman Hood is a safe space for women to share in the conversations of life and through these conversations, find support.

In these pages there is no judgment, only encouragement and love as we embrace all the things that make us different in order to discover that we are, in fact, the same.

As we come together in this way, one conversation at a time, one woman at a time, we will be inspired to change the world and we will inspire others to do the same.

No one woman needs to carry the troubles of the world, but together, just by being the best one that we each can be, and supporting each other to be the best too, with each one teaching one, we are already making a difference.

The Woman Hood is the beginning of the change we, as women, can bring to the world.


A Unicef Christmas card changed everything


The card featured an oil painting of a mother and her child. Doubtless this was meant to portray Mary and the baby Christ, but there was no star, no shepherds in the background, no barn, nothing. It was just a mother and her child. Could be any mother. Any child.

For some reason, this image resonated so deeply with me. It seemed to show the deep unconditional love a mother has for her child. She would move mountains, fend off every evil even if it meant her life, and do everything in her power and more to provide a home and shelter.

This opened a new fountain of respect within me for the amazing strength that women represent and as I grew into a woman myself, had my own children, and met so many amazing women in my everyday life, I began to feel the need to share these stories and to bring these amazing women together, to harness our strength and make an impact.

Woman all over the world experience struggles that are uniquely feminine; that only another woman could understand. Beyond Race, Religion and Politics, we have the same experience of being feminine.

Yet politics and man-made problems push us further and further apart, differentiate and categorize us, divide us to conquer us, leaving no hope of peaceful understanding.

I choose to defy this movement!



My mother was already ill when I told her about the idea of this website. Of all the crazy ideas I have thrown in front of my mother during my lifetime, this was one time that she immediately said “You should do it!”

She defied so many odds in her life remaining loving, kind and generous through everything, and finally, she bravely faced death with grace and dignity through a trying time of illness.

This site is dedicated to her memory.

Call to Action

The world is crying. The planet is crying.

It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it and we are the ones who can.

We are Women!

And here, in The Woman Hood, we will share our stories and sing the song of heroes!

You and I; Everyday women who put food on the table, who support families against all odds, who juggle jobs and responsibilities, who pray for loved ones, and mourn those who are taken too soon.

We, who are the bedrock of society.

Let us change the world!

Join the conversation – make comments

Start a conversation – send me your ideas

Sing the song of heroes – contact me if you have a hero you would like to feature

Be Inspired!



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