NYC Marathon Episode 4: The little Engine that could


 Shout out to Jordan K. What an awesome stash of information!

Ocean ParkwayOcean Parkway towards Coney Island – Pretty! 

McDonald Avenue  Back on McDonald Avenue towards Greenwood – Not so pretty!

This week was rough.

Started the week somewhat under the weather, had a mid-week meet-the-teacher night and a house guest on Thursday & Friday….so didn’t get much training in this week.

AND THEN on Saturday morning, I got the word that my aunt, my father’s youngest sister, had passed away in the early hours…to breast cancer.

I started this race as a dedication to 3 family members…now there is a fourth.

Aunty Yeye

So my 15 mile run on Sunday morning was quite an emotional roller coaster.

I started out fueled with hurt, anger and revenge. By Mile 10, I felt exhausted.

And by Mile 13, as I was struggling up a steep hill in the Greenwood area of Brooklyn, I felt totally discouraged.

This was the first time I really considered giving up.

I was seriously thinking through how I would break the news to all of you after all the support you have given.

“What’s the use anyway?” I asked myself, “I’ll just make it to the nearest bus stop and go back home.”


After the top of the hill at Mile 14, coming downhill and heading to the Mile 15 mark, I felt my strength coming back.

And when it was all done, and I was waiting for the bus ride home, I thought…

Yes, Susan, of course you can do it! and yes, there IS a use.

If it is just in memory of those I love, or if the funds will help to fight and prevent more loss, there IS a use.

So…running on!

run on

Thank you for indulging me! 🙂

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NYC Marathon Episode 3: Back to School – Now the REAL struggle begins

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Can I just tell you that you are the best support team a girl could have?

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – For the donations, the encouragement and great words of advice! I appreciate every little thing!

Shout out to Julie S. for the great conversation about shoes and foot health! Also shout out to Vadim S. for great suggestions about Brooklyn running routes and hill training!

Brooklyn Bridge Sunday Sept 10

(A beautiful Sunday morning run over the Brooklyn Bridge)

Back to School – Now the REAL struggle begins

I just realized that training in the summer months was easy.

I had my own time, I could schedule runs in the morning before work and evenings after work and anytime at weekends as long the kids didn’t have a basketball game.

But now school is back in session and I have to schedule my runs around school, meetings, afterschool programs and homework.

I am just realizing how hard that is. 😦

The other night, I stayed up till midnight baking and decorating a birthday cake, got up at 5am to get the kids to school and still got in a 7 mile run before work.

birthday cake

Um….yes…this was me… tired

Nonetheless, I did a successful 14 miles on Sunday morning from Flatbush, Brooklyn, over the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge, up the West Side along the Hudson River Park running path (so pretty!!) to 72nd Street Subway Station, Manhattan. (and yes, I got on the train and rode home)

OMG, that is only half of the whole distance!!! shocked smiley.jpg

Almost there….53 days to go!



NYC Marathon Episode 2: Body Rebellion

Prospect Park Evening

(Entering Prospect Park, Brooklyn in the Evening)

Invariably the beginning of my run elicits pain and discomfort.

Pain in my left foot reminiscent of the plantar fasciitis I ran with last year; cramping in my toes first in one foot, then the other; aching in my knees; my lungs burning as they get used to taking in more oxygen faster.

This is the time when the temptation to give up is at its strongest. (a second wave of that temptation comes at about mile 10)

But if I just keep going, soon the pains subside and I find a rhythm. And once I am there, I am able to enjoy all the things I appreciate about running.

The sights and sounds in the parks and streets – The trees silhouetted against the evening or morning sky. The drums in the Drummer’s Grove of Prospect Park, the people dancing along.

The other runners in all ages, shapes and sizes; some pushing strollers, others accompanied by loyal four-legged friends.

The playground I used to take my kids to when they were toddlers. I smile at the memory and at the thought that I am teaching them a valuable lesson by running this race.

The families on the grass – relaxing, playing, laughing, eating (not so good when I am hungry)

It warms my heart.

And I am reminded of why I am running, and the people I am running for.

And I am filled with gratitude.

Gratitude that, unlike the many patients fighting to stay alive right now, I can indeed, run!

The body rebellion is squashed! And I keep on running.

12 miles and counting!

62 days to go!

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NYC Marathon Episode 1: 10 Miles down, 16.2 Miles to go



With just a teeny bit of trepidation, I am proud to announce that I will be running the NYC Marathon on November 5th in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

This will be my first full Marathon and I am running it in memory of three family members I have lost to cancer in the last decade – My mother, my sister and my uncle.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society was started in 1949 with the goal of raising funds to help in the fight against blood cancers. Over the years, much of the research work done with their support has led to treatments in many other forms of cancer.

I am honored to play a part in the continued effort to support this important and necessary work and have made a commitment to raise a minimum of $3500 for the cause.

Please join me in the fight!

I will keep you updated on my training and fundraising progress.

Sincerest Thanks!


Getting Personal

Dear Readers,

I guess I am still getting the hang of this blogging thing.

I often see things or think of thing i want to write about, but then I censor myself because I feel it is too personal or I am thinking it is something you might not want to read.

But that is not how blogging works, is it?

I should write anyway and then you, the readers, have the choice of reading what interests you.

I guess not every post has to work for every reader. That would be unrealistic. After all, we don’t love every singe song by our favorite artist, do we?

And as far as being personal, well, that is what a blog is. So…

About a month ago now, I ran my first marathon. It was the New York City Marathon.

I ran with a charity and raised money for the fight against cancer.

I wrote a ‘blog’ for my donors, following my experiences as I trained and ran my race.

These blog posts should have been here. They are pertinent to the cause of The Woman Hood because they speak to the strength, love, and determination of one woman achieving a live long dream.

So I am sharing my posts here and hope you enjoy reading them as much as my donors did.

If you are inspired to contribute to this or any other cause, please feel free to do so.

And if you are inspired to start moving and to change your life in someway, we would very much welcome your story and comments here.

Be Blessed!

Enjoli – a great essay by Kristi Coulter

This essay is being shared and re-shared in Facebook today and my husband sent it to me. And I knew I had to share it with you here.

It is a beautiful piece that says so much!

I believe every woman can identify, even if your way out is not alcohol. Just the fact that we need to find something to deal with life is enough of a problem.

This is an awesome conversation starter. Share your thoughts….


I’m newly sober and dog-paddling through the booze all around me. It’s summer, and Whole Foods has planted rosé throughout the store. Rosé is great with fish! And strawberries! And vegan protein powder! (Okay, I made that last one up.) At the office, every desk near mine has a bottle of wine or liquor on it in case people are too lazy to walk the 50 feet to one of the well-stocked communal bars we’ve built on our floor. Driving home from work, I pass billboard ads for Fluffed Marshmallow Smirnoff and Iced Cake Smirnoff and not just Cinnamon, but Cinnamon Churros Smirnoff. A local pharmacy, the same one that fucks up my prescription three months in a row, installs self-service beer taps and young guys line up with their empty growlers all the way back to Eye & Ear Care.

Traveling for work, I steel myself for the company-sponsored wine tasting. Skipping it is not an option. My plan is to work the room with my soda and lime, make sure I’m seen by the five people who care about these things, and leave before things get sloppy (which they always do). Six wines and four beers are on display at the catering stand. I ask for club soda and get a blank look. Just water, then? The bartender grimaces apologetically. “I think there’s a water fountain in the lobby?” she says.….Read more

Posture Series Parts 3 – 5

After some technical difficulties, I have finally been able to download …or is it upload???..the further parts of our Posture Series.

Karin does an excellent job teaching me some exercises to help me strengthen my core, maintain good posture and relieve my back pain.

I have been practicing these for a while now, though not as regularly as I should, and I must confess that I do feel a difference. I especially constantly correct my sitting posture at the office and if all else fails, I just get up and walk around to give my back a break.

I hope you gain from these videos too.

Please let us know your experiences and feel free to contact Karin through our contact page.