What the world needs now…

…is love, sweet love…

That is how the song goes. And it is the truth, and for the most part people are willing to love…what they know!

It is amazing how the most loving person is capable of NOT loving just because of the “other-ness” of another.

So I venture to say that what the world needs now is Understanding!

Here is the dictionary definition of the word…



  1. Sympathetically aware of other people’s feelings; tolerant and forgiving.

synonyms: compassionatesympatheticsensitiveconsideratetenderkindthoughtfultolerantpatientforbearinglenientmercifulforgivinghumane

  1. Having insight or good judgment.


Every single one of those meanings and synonyms could be the secret to lasting peace.

From an early age, we are taught to look at every one through an “us and them” lens  – Women, Men; Black, White; this religion, that religion; house wife, career woman; blue collar, white collar; and so on.

It is drummed into us that we are not to cross the barriers.

Sure, we can not deny that there are differences. Things that are considered normal in one culture or geographic location, would be considered very strange elsewhere under different circumstances.

But I challenge us to look beyond the differences and barriers and get to the human root where we are all very much the same.

We laugh the same, we cry the same, we know fear, anger and sadness the same, we know love and happiness the same and most of the time, most of all, we want the best for our children the same.

I don’t say we must jump into another culture or go against our beliefs or teachings, but when we look from the vantage point of sameness, we acquire understanding.

We become sympathetic and compassionate. Tolerant and forgiving.

And we learn to LOVE.

And isn’t that what the world needs now???

Be inspired!

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