Still the Greatest!!!

Today, I honor two men! Real men!

It began with me seeking out a particular song from the 70’s that had popped into my head while I was working. One song led to another and then another…and you know how it is, before too long I found myself “YouTube Surfing”.

And then I stumbled across the clip below, which felt like water to a thirsty plant. my heart opened up just like the leaves of the freshly watered plant unfurl.

Always a fan of Billy Crystal, I thought it might be funny to see him imitate Mohammad Ali. But I was in for a much bigger treat.

Muhammad Ali and Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal draws us in with a beautifully intimate story of his relationship with The Champ. He makes us laugh as he jests about fun times with Ali, he makes us cry as he tells stories from the Civil Rights movement and the treatment Mohammad Ali had to endure.

But most of all, he makes us glow with pride. Pride that we can say we lived when these two greats lived. Pride to know that humans do have it in them to do good for each other.

Billy Crystal, from a Long Island Jewish family that supported Black musicians when others would not. Billy Crystal, who started the Peace through the Performing Arts Program at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. A program that brings Arab, Palestinian and Jewish artist together in peaceful performance. Hear, Hear, Billy!!! And let’s not forget Comic Relief which he started with Robin Williams and Whoopi Goldberg to raise money for the Homeless across America (Boy, do we need that now)

And then, there is Mohammad Ali…The greatest of all time!

Mohammad Ali was famous for his trash talk and vanity, but that was all fun and entertainment. The real man, was not afraid to speak his Truth and do what he believed was Right. He cared about others and not just others of his own kind. He cared about humanity.

Stripped of his titles and even his permission to fight, still he stood his ground against injustices and against war.

How many of us do that anymore?

We are more concerned about our followership and our likes than we are about the welfare of our fellow man. Trash talk and vanity still gets many of us on the front page, but after all the talk, there is little else.

Changing the world takes bravery, takes courage, takes perseverance against the odds.

It is never easy, and it is always swimming against the current. But for all the lives you touch on the way, it is SO worth it!!

And just so you know…you do not have to be a world class boxing champion or a famous comedian to make a difference, a change or a statement. You can be anyone, your job can be anything….you just need to believe in your Truth and put your all behind it.

Stand up and speak your Truth and don’t apologize for it.

There are people in your building, on your street, in your town, just waiting for you. Yes, YOU!

Mohammad Ali was exemplary of what The Woman Hood stands for. He crossed cultures and religions, stood for all people, and accepted everyone as his brethren.

All of us like that = Peace on Earth

It is not impossible! I believe it whole heartedly!

Enjoy this clip and Be Inspired!



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