Covered up


Today’s post is in support of our Muslim sisters around the world who celebrated Eid al-Adha this week.

Let’s talk Hijab.

For those not of the Islamic Faith, it may be difficult to understand the concept of the Hijab and indeed there are liberal Muslims who do not embrace it, but before we judge, we should know that many other religions and cultures also dictate a woman’s covering.

In Judaism, a woman’s head covering is called Kisui Rosh.

Some orthodox Christian denominations still expect women to have their heads covered during public worship and some Christian denominations also dictate acceptable everyday dressing for women,

In ancient Hindi practice, married women were expected to be veiled.

Some cultures nowadays allow a woman to choose, others are not so liberal, but nevertheless, even under oppression, there is an element of choice. And if a woman chooses to follow a culture, whatever her reason, we should respect that.

In this modern liberal world, where everyone just wants to fit in and be accepted, my first feeling when I see a woman declaring her Faith through her clothing is not pity, but respect.

My first thought is not “Oh poor thing, look what she has been forced to do” but rather, “Wow, it takes guts to be ‘different’ – power to you”

This is the same whether she is wearing a habit, a wig, Kisui Rosh, a hijab, an afro, scarf or turban. 

Whatever you wear, you are speaking your truth. And that is what matters.

Let us seek to understand, love and support each other.

Here are some interesting views on the Hijab worth watching.

Be inspired!



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