Closed for non-payment of Taxes

Down the block from the school my children attend, there is a Subway Sandwiches Store.

We pass by there almost everyday after school to grab an after-school sandwich. The owners, a Hispanic family, know us by name and are extremely kind and friendly.

We were shocked and disappointed today when we passed by only to see a bright orange sign – “Seized for non-payment of Taxes.”

There were a whole bunch of their clientele standing in front of the store looking upset and worried.

I asked if they would be able to re-open and prevent losing the store if the taxes were paid and a lady standing nearby said “Maybe! After all, look at Trump…He did not pay his taxes and he became the President.”

I had to write about that because it shows how the examples we set DO matter! Especially our leaders!

Taxes ARE important! We should be willing to pay them to enable the government to serve us as they are supposed to. Our taxes provide us with healthcare, education, roads and housing, protection through the police, fire department and military, libraries, parks etc. etc. etc.

And we do this, not just for ourselves, but for our fellowman. When we do not pay taxes, we are being selfish. We are keeping for ourselves at the expense of our neighbors and friends – our community.

Sure, we can argue about raising or lowering taxes, but the question should never be whether to pay or not.

I hope that the Subway Store can settle whatever problem has arisen and that they will be able to reopen soon. They are a great example of the American Dream. They are immigrants who bought a franchise as a livelihood for the family. They became part of the community. We would miss them terribly.

I certainly wish them all the very best in overcoming this obstacle.


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