PMS: Powerful Maintenance of Stability

When you look into the Urban Dictionary online, you find a number of really impolite definitions of PMS. (Click here to see them)


I felt completely out of it yesterday. The inside of my head, which felt like a pumpkin, could not seem to decide if to manifest a full blown headache or not. Focus was not my greatest asset and every little thing made me want to cry. My husband wanted to accompany me on an errand and I couldn’t tell him I would rather be by myself because on other days, I am usually begging him to come along. So he came along. And I listened to his conversation, but was not much of a conversationalist myself. Ok, yes, the truth is, i wanted to say Shut up! But hey, I didn’t!!! Kudos to me 🙂


Just one more thing women have to go through which gets turned around and used against us.

“Man’s worst nightmare”, “I’d rather be in Hell than be around a woman with PMS”,”A time when you should avoid all women”, “I’d choose the wrath of God over a woman with PMS any day”,”They call it PMS because the expression Mad Cow was already taken” and so on.

Men haven’t the first clue about our hormonal changes and how to relate to us when we go through them. It would be nice if they didn’t take quite such a negative attitude towards this, and perhaps try to listen more and be more patient, but then maybe I am just being touchy right now because I am…well, PMSing.

In my younger days, my monthly hormonal changes didn’t affect my moods that much. I just had the cramps, bloating and acne. As I have gotten older, I have lost the cramps, but the other symptoms have become more pronounced and last longer, and now there are also the headaches and the Blues. My moods don’t swing as much as just stay sad and gloomy. And I also have a lot less patience, so I am very careful to avoid certain conversations or situations. During this time of the month, more than any other time, I truly make every effort to remain in a zen and positive state of mind.

PMS times are not the most comfortable or delightful of times, but much of how we experience these times can be determined by our own attitudes and handling of the situation.

It is very necessary to listen to our bodies and our inner selves at this time and then give the lady what she needs. Do you need silence and alone time? Find it and take it!; Do you need company, noise and fun? Go for it!; Do you need to have a good cry? Go ahead, have one!. What ever it takes, indulge yourself! Apart from making you feel better, You actually deserve it!! And most importantly, be sure to eat right (do NOT throw yourself into bad foods and chocolates) and exercise (a stroll down the block could work wonders).

—(Click here for 10 Healthy Ways to Manage PMS)—

Some of my favorite PMS escapes are meditation, music, running and reading. A really good or funny movie is an awesome remedy too (Today, I watched Ghostbusters). The main thing for me is to ‘get away’ a little. And come back rejuvenated.

I told my husband I was writing this post about PMS and asked him to suggest a more positive and truthful meaning for the PMS acronym and he came up with – Powerful Maintenance of Stability. Thanks babe! I like that!

PMS doesn’t have to mean all the nasty things men say it does. PMS could actually be a time of rejuvenation, rebuilding and strengthening. It may not always be when we do our best thinking or best work, but if we treat it right, we could come out of it stronger and better every time. We can make it a Powerful time of working on our Maintaining our Stability and Strength. So yeah…I am PMSing!






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