Protest!!!…in Love (A Warning)

Not a day goes by that we don’t wake up to a new and scary headline.

Trump can certainly steal and trademark the “Shock and Awe”slogan from the Bush era.

We are protesting, We are making our voices heard wherever we can, we are yelling louder than ever. Great!…but beware!!!!…Negative emotions are riding HIGH!

We must be cautious! We must be vigilant!

We must guard our hearts!

The words of Dr. Martin Luther King ring truer now than ever.


We must guard our hearts against Hatred. For there in lies the danger!!


In return for the craziness, we must give Love!

We must keep our hearts and minds on Love! Lest we be pulled into the darkness from whence all the chaos arises. That is not the place for us. From there, we can make no changes for the better.

We must remain tall and strong, with our heads held high knowing that Right will always overcome Wrong. and Love will always prevail.

In Love then, let us continue to protest, let us work in our communities to build support, let us write, sing, dance, speak out and do all we can because remember…




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