Being Grateful, Staying Positive


Rain by tuyet dinh sinh vat –

I did really good today!

We often talk about the benefits of remaining in an Attitude of Gratitude and maintaining a positive mindset. We know this is good, but we do not always do it….at least I know I don’t.

Even though I preach it and coach it. I fall off like everyone else.

But today, I did really good!

I got up and checked the weather only to see that it was going to rain all day. Not my favorite prediction. It adds extra baggage when taking the kids to school – umbrellas, ponchos, boots/shoes etc. etc. etc. And it is such a pain walking the kids to school…they walk so slowly, they can’t balance the umbrellas and the bags, they want to play in the rain, and I am concerned about keeping them and their school bags dry. Over all, it is just a stressful experience. So needless to say, my immediate response is usually….well, let’s just say, not a positive one.

But today I instead said “Thank you for the rain” and went ahead and made all the necessary preparations for our soaking walk through the rain.

We stepped out of the house and it was drizzling very lightly as we walked to the Subway Station. No problem at all.

Getting out at the other end and walking to school…light drizzle. So light, we didn’t even need the umbrellas.

It did rain all day!!

But by the time I headed out of the office to go pick up the kids….guess what? No rain!

How awesome was that? Every time I was out doors, it was dry. And yet, all needs were met – the earth got the moisture it needed and I got to take the kids to school, go to work, pick the kids up and come back home without getting soaked or being stressed about getting soaked. HA!

It is said that when you have a fear of something, you should face it! Walk right up to the fear! And it will disappear.

It is also said that what you resist, persists.

Ok, I am not afraid of rain, but I guess I was “afraid” of the inconvenience and stress. But I walked right up to it and instead of “resisting” it, I gave thanks for it. And look at what happened. No stress!! No real inconvenience. For me, No Rain! (Even though it rained all day)

So there you go. Tomorrow is another day. Let’s start it with Gratitude and a Positive Attitude and see where the day takes us.

Write a comment to let us know how it turns out.

Be inspired.

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