NYC Marathon Episode 3: Back to School – Now the REAL struggle begins

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Can I just tell you that you are the best support team a girl could have?

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – For the donations, the encouragement and great words of advice! I appreciate every little thing!

Shout out to Julie S. for the great conversation about shoes and foot health! Also shout out to Vadim S. for great suggestions about Brooklyn running routes and hill training!

Brooklyn Bridge Sunday Sept 10

(A beautiful Sunday morning run over the Brooklyn Bridge)

Back to School – Now the REAL struggle begins

I just realized that training in the summer months was easy.

I had my own time, I could schedule runs in the morning before work and evenings after work and anytime at weekends as long the kids didn’t have a basketball game.

But now school is back in session and I have to schedule my runs around school, meetings, afterschool programs and homework.

I am just realizing how hard that is. 😦

The other night, I stayed up till midnight baking and decorating a birthday cake, got up at 5am to get the kids to school and still got in a 7 mile run before work.

birthday cake

Um….yes…this was me… tired

Nonetheless, I did a successful 14 miles on Sunday morning from Flatbush, Brooklyn, over the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge, up the West Side along the Hudson River Park running path (so pretty!!) to 72nd Street Subway Station, Manhattan. (and yes, I got on the train and rode home)

OMG, that is only half of the whole distance!!! shocked smiley.jpg

Almost there….53 days to go!



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