NYC Marathon Episode 4: The little Engine that could


 Shout out to Jordan K. What an awesome stash of information!

Ocean ParkwayOcean Parkway towards Coney Island – Pretty! 

McDonald Avenue  Back on McDonald Avenue towards Greenwood – Not so pretty!

This week was rough.

Started the week somewhat under the weather, had a mid-week meet-the-teacher night and a house guest on Thursday & Friday….so didn’t get much training in this week.

AND THEN on Saturday morning, I got the word that my aunt, my father’s youngest sister, had passed away in the early hours…to breast cancer.

I started this race as a dedication to 3 family members…now there is a fourth.

Aunty Yeye

So my 15 mile run on Sunday morning was quite an emotional roller coaster.

I started out fueled with hurt, anger and revenge. By Mile 10, I felt exhausted.

And by Mile 13, as I was struggling up a steep hill in the Greenwood area of Brooklyn, I felt totally discouraged.

This was the first time I really considered giving up.

I was seriously thinking through how I would break the news to all of you after all the support you have given.

“What’s the use anyway?” I asked myself, “I’ll just make it to the nearest bus stop and go back home.”


After the top of the hill at Mile 14, coming downhill and heading to the Mile 15 mark, I felt my strength coming back.

And when it was all done, and I was waiting for the bus ride home, I thought…

Yes, Susan, of course you can do it! and yes, there IS a use.

If it is just in memory of those I love, or if the funds will help to fight and prevent more loss, there IS a use.

So…running on!

run on

Thank you for indulging me! 🙂

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