NYC Marathon Episode 5: Down Time :-)

What a Wonderful Week!!!

feet up


This was a “recovery” week, so our running miles were extremely reduced.

In fact my “long” run this week was a Whopping SIX miles!!!


Hahaha!!!…I can’t believe I am laughing at that distance.

Just a couple months ago I would get home from a 3 mile run barely breathing.


Yet here I was, doing my 6 miles easily and smiling at the rising sun.

I have to tell you, it felt good!

I am already wondering what I am going to be doing with myself to keep fit once this is over.

I don’t really think I need to be running 15 miles every weekend but a 6 miler ain’t bad.

So funny how empowered and enthusiastic I sound today. Now back to a normal training week with a long run of 16 miles coming up.

Might not sound so coy next week. wink

Have a great week everyone and THANK YOU!!!!!

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