NYC Marathon Episode 8: Sometimes Life gets in the Way!!!

Last week was a relatively unproductive running week.

With kids’ activities and work activities, the extent of my running seemed to be limited to ‘running’ errands. Ok, slight exaggeration!

Still, I ran only once during the week, and though I did do my long run on the weekend, it was supposed to be 12 miles and I only got round to doing a very comfortable 7.28 miles.

Needless to say, I have been feeling pretty bummed about this. But I will be making up for it this week :-).

Originally I was going to title this update “Central Park is King” because my 12 miles were supposed to have been a double loop round Central Park with lots of info and pictures. I only made one loop and a bit, but I still got a few cool pictures and info for you, so Enjoy!

Central Park is so cool because it is this huge oasis of green surrounded by such an interesting mix of old and new buildings. This old one below is The San Remo, a luxury co-op apartment building on West 74th street opened in 1930. You could live here and enjoy a clear view of the park for a mere $3 – $75 Million. You cannot miss this beauty in many photographs and films through the ages showing Central Park.

san remo.jpg

An eastward view of the Central Park Reservoir (now called the Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir). Notice the fountain in the middle and the more modern buildings in the distance


Row your own boat for just $15 the hour on the Central Park Lake. Rent the boat at the Loeb Boathouse, which is houses a landmark restaurant opened in 1954.

Boat 2Boat 1

You can’t really see it behind the trees, but it’s the very bustling and busy historical “Tavern on the Green”. A restaurant since 1934, it was originally built in 1870 as a Sheepfold, housing the sheep which grazed on the Sheep Meadow right opposite it.


Sheep Meadow…Then and Now

sheep meadow historical

sheep meadow

And you can’t miss the live entertainment that pops up all over the park on a nice warm day, like this Jazz band playing to the steady audience of Daniel Webster himself. (Two time U.S. Secretary of State)

Jazz band.jpg


Awesome stuff – Central Park features the most amazing outcrops of the Manhattan bedrock formed during the Paleozoic era some 450 million years ago.

Rock 1

Rock 2

These outcroppings are at the Harlem Hill, the north of the park.

Rock 3

Yes, it is steep! No, I don’t run it!

See that guy in blue down there?, See how he is just trudging himself up that hill? That would be me if I wasn’t taking this picture 🙂

Rock 4


Have a good weekend!

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