NYC Marathon Episode 9: The End in sight!!!

I can hardly believe that I have come this far.

What started out as one of those “..seemed like a good idea at the time…” actually turned into a real goal that I am now only 6 days away from actually achieving.

My Team Race shirt came in the mail this week and I went to the salon and got my nails colored to match. At least if I collapse I will look good. LOL!

Race shirt

I have my Gu power gel, my running belt and even got a new phone because the battery in my old phone kept dying.

One last visit to the podiatrist tomorrow and two more visits to physical therapy.

Stretching! Drinking! Breathing!

I guess I am ready!

Everyone who has run this race has told me that the adrenaline rush of just being there is enough to fuel you through the race.

I am starting to believe this to be true because I had TWO very exciting moments when running in Central Park again this Sunday.

First of all, nearing Tavern on the Green this time there was a whole new building being put up.

As I got closer, I saw the TCS NYC Marathon logo.

It was the New York City Marathon Pavilion!!!

And right after it, along either side of the road they were setting up the grand stand bleachers for the Finish Line.

HA! So technically, I have already “crossed the finish line”




Suddenly, I was filled with so much excitement, “this is real! This is the NYC Marathon. I, Susan, am running the NYC Marathon!!! OMG!!!”

I was fueled for the next few miles,

…until the heat and the hills started to get to me.

Just as I was starting to decide if I should exit the park and take a nearby bus or subway back, I heard the sweet sound of a solo cello playing a very familiar tune.

The cello was joined by other strings to complete the sound and I was breaking my neck and bumping into fellow runners as I tried to see where this music was coming from.

I never did see them, but the music hit the spot and did its job.

It was the theme music of “Game of Thrones!”


Every drop of Targaryan Dragon blood that I (totally don’t) have within me began to boil and I breathed fire as I rose up to the summit of that blasted hill!!

Yes, that was a really special moment! I think I should totally download that theme for those moments when I need to call on the Dragon Fire. Or could someone organize a string quartet somewhere along the way??

But that was actually not the second moment I was going to mention.

The second exciting moment was when a fellow Team in Training runner (the t-shirts are a dead giveaway) called out to me “Go Team!!”

Yay!!! It made me feel warm and fuzzy all over and boy, was I energized!!

So yeah…I think this is going to be truly exciting and fulfilling.

I remember when I ran my first ever 5K…I crossed the finish line and burst into emotional tears because I had never run “SO far”……That was a 5K!!!

Only Goodness knows what this will feel like.

6 days to go!!!

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